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Air Show AIR SHOW, Canadian, International, Air Show, Toronto, Canada, Aviation Displays, Aerial, Acrobatics, F-16, F-18, Toronto Waterfront, CNE, Canadian National Exhibition. The Canadian International Air Show is the premier Air Show in the Toronto Region. The Canadian international air show is an excellent family outing for the entire family. Make the next air show an outing for your entire family. 

f22.gif (991 bytes)CIAS Community Relations

What does the Community Relations Committee do?

We are a small group of dedicated volunteers from various backgrounds and experiences. We work continuously throughout the year to organize events that promote the Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) and raise money for various charities.

During the year we organize all of the details surrounding the community group visits. Phone calls, faxes and letters become a constant in our daily lives (but don’t tell our bosses!). Each volunteer is responsible for coordinating several visiting groups. Some of our special guests include: Variety Village, Bloorview Children’s Hospital, etc. The CRC coordinates the participants, pilots and crew, military and civilian.

The Snowbirds are very supportive of our committee’s activities. Each year they look forward to visiting the children at Toronto’s Sick Kids’ Hospital. The pilots and crew join the children and play computer games, card games, and more. 

Front L to R: Cathryn, Jeremy, Kim, Al
Rear L to R: Mark, Joanne, Joan

Some may think the job of the pilots and crew is done once their daily flight is over. However, the CRC keeps the many participating pilots and crew busy all air show weekend! 

Throughout the weekend we are responsible for hosting various children’s and senior’s groups and introducing them to the performers. This incredible opportunity permits our visitors to talk to the pilots and crew and ask them questions about their unusual career choice. Our committee is privileged to see the smiling faces on our visitors and hear about the wonderful performers……..

In many respects the Community Relations Committee is the ‘Ambassador’ of the Canadian International Air Show. We are an integral part of the CIAS and we seek to promote the CIAS mission statement – “education through aviation”.  We organize events between pilots/crew and the community (autograph signing, hospital visits, etc.) The CRC assists with the recruitment of volunteers for the CIAS. We monitor emerging public issues and opinions, and keep our Board of Directors informed. But most of all we have fun!

Our guests have fun too!

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Check out some of our Happy guests:

Thank you so much for the donation of VIP tickets. The Tickets were auctioned off in support of Big Sisters of Toronto, in July. Proceeds from this auction item will be directed to helping make and support a match between a young girl at risk and an adult friend – a Big Sister.

Again, thank you for your support to Big Sisters of Toronto."

Jo-Anne Harper Sobie
Director of Development
Big Sisters of Toronto


MVC-003F.JPG (74256 bytes)

The Community Relations Committee with The Variety Club of Ontario - 1998 CIAS

"Your gift will allow us to fulfill the mandate providing medical care to children abroad who have critical, life threatening illnesses and cannot receive medical attention in their country of origin. To date, 351 children from 77 countries have been saved by the generosity of supporters like you."

Christina Budweth
President - Operation Herbie


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